The Sugar Pusher Podcast

So I finally did a thing! I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast for the past 2 to 3 years! I don’t really know what took me so long, honestly. But I’m happy I took that leap of faith.

I decided to create a space where I can be out of pocket and talk my talk on my own damn platform. I wanted the podcast to be kind of an extension of the 3L’s. Where I talk about my experiences which pertains to health (mental, physical and emotional), relationships, sex… basically everything. I plan to be random but relatable. I’ll even have some guests and friends on as I get more comfortable. Which by the way, I don’t just want anyone as a guest on my podcast. It has to make sense. We have to make sense and vibe, so please keep that in mind when asking me to come unto my platform and into my space.

I recorded my first official episode the other day after trying to buckle down on what to talk about for like 4 weeks. I had outlines and potential topics but each time that I went to record, it didn’t feel right. This first episode, I just went with the flow. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out on your preferred podcast platform, i.e Google, Anchor, and some other ones (I’m still waiting for it to be on Apple).

As I grow, as well as the podcast, the format and of course the conversation may change. I hope to use social media to get a lot if discussions going. And no every episode won’t be funny or feel good.

So I hope you guys listen, subscribe and enjoy!! Here’s a link to my new baby!

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