California Love

FINALLY, I made it to the west coast and went to California back in April!! I was there for three reasons: to see my friend Tatty, eat, and see B2K… Again. And I did just that.

The first couple of days I stayed in Venice beach in a cute Airbnb that was in the cut. That experience was… different. Really quickly, when I landed in L.A, the flight attendant made an announcement for those that were travelling to NOLA.. . First of all, we came from Chicago. Why are you crossing the country to go back half way across the country, down south? That was the dumbest thing. Anyways, my first few days in L.A was super chill and lowkey. I ate, of course.

The vibes in L.A are different. I can’t quite put it in words. It’s like everything is fast paced but in slow motion. And the men sound like Craig from Friday. There was this gourmet french fry place that was on my list of restuarants to try, so Tatty hit that place up and let me tell you.. We were not disappointed. I will be writing a separate post about that experience under my “SEEfood” segment.

April 11th was the day of the B2K concert in Fresno and was also the same day as the late Nipsey Hussle Tha Great’s funeral services. The love for Nip in L.A was so so dope. So dope. Literally the whole state of California felt the loss of Nip and the send off from everywhere and everyone was so inspiring and genuine. RIP Nip and The Marathon Continues.

So the drive to Fresno was 3 hours from LA. Which by the way, literally everything in California is 3 hours away. It’s crazy. Now mind you, this was my second time seeing B2K in concert but I did not give a damn. I was still geeked. We stayed in this Airbnb and let me just tell you guys that Tatty did not adhere to my warning that the Airbnb had a dog. She did not listen and went to open the backyard door and let the damn dog in. The dog was chilling all on the furniture and whatnot. I was wheezing and laughing so hard.

So we pulled up to the concert and let me tell you all how Fresno is a West Coast Rochester. I thought I seen hot messes at the the Rochester B2K concert but Fresno was neck to neck, guys. Wow. I was appalled. Anywho, we were late so we missed Chingy. OH! We had floor seats AND we were on the end of the row so when Lloyd walked passed, he shook my hand. I’m basically famous now. My review of the concert was still the same as the Rochester. A lot of kinks and mistakes were obviously ironed out over the course of shows so it was way better than the Rochester. So I’m happy.

On our way back to L.A, we stopped by a bakery called Bree’s Cakes. I have been following Bree and the journey of her bakery for quite some time and I was so excited and nervous to go. Like, she makes cakes for John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, The Game, Lance Gross… Talk about motivation and big fan tings! I’ll also be doing a write up about her desserts as well under “SEEfood Diet”. Bree and her fiance were super nice. I didn’t even want to disclose that I was baker because I didn’t want to seem like a creeping creep. But Tatty was like “YEA.. SHE’S A BAKER TOO.” So I appreciate her for blowing up my spot.

My last day there, we woke up early to go to Runyon Canyon. Let me tell you guys something, it was a workout within itself to even walk to the entrance of Runyun Canyon. The damn thing sits on a hill and you have to walk up the hill to walk up another damn hill. Chile. But the views from the midpoint were bomb. No I did not go all the way up to the top because we were pressed for time.

All in all, California was a good time. I would definitely go again! To eat more and do more, for sure! I just Thank God that he held the earthquakes and wildfires at bay for your girl.

Please head check my food column or #seefood tag to read up on the food that I ate in California.

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