Bitch… B2K is Back

So if you know me, you know that I am a HUGE B2K fan. Somehow, someway I will make a conversation about B2K. I have been putting a B2K concert in the atmosphere for 15 years now so I want ‘Thank You’ cards from all of you hussies that went to the Millennium Tour.

Of course I’m extra and I went to see the concert twice. One time in janky ole Rochester and then I flew to California to see them in Fresno, which by the way is nothing but a west coast Rochester.

Listen to how I was screaming when B2K came out on stage and this was at the second show I went to. Make no mistakes, I acted like this at the first concert also!

Anywho, B2K was bomb! I do wish that their set was longer and they touched more on songs that are not popular. People have played Bump, Bump, Bump and Uh Huh to the damn ground and I’m honestly sick of it.

Mario did really really well. He sounds so good live. And I was definitely feeling myself because I feel as though I was the only one who knew his new songs and that is fine with me!

Pretty Ricky were also a pleasant surprise. The clips that were on the Shaderoom had me a little nervous and I didn’t need want to witness no one falling and penis pumping but they did good! At the Fresno show, I don’t know what SlickEm was on but throughout their set he kept yelling “IF YOU WANT TO GET F%!*ED AFTER THE CONCERT, COME SEE ME AT THE WYNDAM HOTEL!” Chile, what the hell.

I could have done without Lloyd and Ying Yang Twins. Lloyd was so boring lol Like I was expecting him to perform Players Prayer or Street Love… But no. He didn’t. Ying Yang Twins did not belong on this tour. They should have brought Lil’ Jon or something. I missed Chingy both times. Bobby V sounded really good, surprisingly. I was so shocked.

Let me quickly talk about how their Emcee, G Baby hosted a singing talent show in between each set and I was PISSED. It was so demeaning and mean. They were better off having a DJ playing music between each performing to get the crowd hype. People grew so restless during that BS. Oh I was mad.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience! I was on the floor for the California concert and Lloyd grabbed my hand, so I’m damn near famous if you think about it. I also met Omarion’s brother, O’Ryan. His first and I want to say only album, still goes!

If you missed the concert, you missed out on a pretty good show!

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