What the Hell Do You Want?

So I’m single. I have been single for about 5 years. Currently I am not crushing on anyone. I don’t find anyone attractive. Nothing. So here is where I currently stand with dating as a 20 something year old.

I don’t want my time wasted. Yes, you can say that I have to break out of my shell and see what’s up. I agree. And once I do that and start the whole “Getting to know you” stage, I peep if they’re about to waste my time and I am out. For example, if we are in the same city and our schedules line up to where we can get up, then we need to be making plans for a date. To grab something to eat. Grab a movie. Something. Wanting to pull up on me after 9pm is not the wave. Talking for 3 weeks and we haven’t seen each other, is not the wave. Leave me the hell alone. If all you want to do is have sex. Cool. Come out and say that so I can dub you quicker. If a man really wants to get to know you, he’ll make plans to do so. After 1 failed attempt to link, I’m iffy. The second failed attempt, I’m good love, enjoy.

Men who I’ve dealt with in the past whine about how much I work. How I’m always busy with orders, etc. I make time for what I want and who I want. You’re not that important of a priority, TO ME, to make time in my schedule for. You’re not stimulating me mentally. You’re not encouraging. You don’t really give a damn about what I’m working on. None of it. So no. I will not not take orders so I can watch you be trash in whatever video game men are trash in these days.

I have a lot going on as far as opportunities that are being presented to me and making opportunities that have not been presented to me. Men want to enter my life and not enhance it in any way, shape or form. You know I work in corporate America so texting me every damn day at 10 am asking me “Wyd” will turn me off so damn fast. You better hope I don’t block you. What do you think I’m doing at 10 am on a Thursday morning? Ok then. I love to bake and cook so asking me for free desserts when you KNOW it’s my business. Dry panties. Always bringing up sex in every conversation. UNHORNY. Always have an excuse about something. Always lying. Like, leave me alone.

I may come off as picky and I don’t care. I’m not settling for an okie doke kind of guy. You’re not having me intimately just because you have a dick. What are your goals? Are you doing anything with your life? DO you want to do anything with your life. WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS?! That needs to be the first damn question. WHATDAYAWANT?!

At this point in my life, I am used to being alone and working on myself. And it’s crazy because I read something awhile ago that said something along the lines of, If you want to get with me, you’re competing with my peace. I’m obsessed with it and if you mustn’t going bring your raggedy ass into my Me Bubble and bring static. I worked hard as hell to get here. And my last relationship was shitty towards the end?! Chile.

I’m not saying that I’m looking because I’m not. But if I come across a man with whom I organically connect with and things blossom from there, then we will see. But I’m telling you now, I get turned off quickly. Like I hate a man who is a cornball. I don’t care how much money you have. You’re a cornball with money. And might I add that money isn’t everything to me. Just be financially responsible/mature. Don’t be on social media fronting but asking to borrow money. Sit your ass at home and save your last $50 so that you don’t ask me for a nickel. Just don’t try so hard. Being your true ass self with determine if I want to make time for you or if I will continue to take orders.

I don’t think my standards are high. And I’m not accepting the bare minimum. I’m not saying he needs to have his stuff together, because trust me, I don’t. But at least have a plan, an idea and have the determination to make it happen.

How has dating for you been? What are your pet peeves with dating?

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