Coat Drive Success!

So earlier this month I had my first Bake Sale Coat Drive mashup and it was a success. I was and am so pleased with the results. Honestly, I was more so worried about no more donating more than people were buying desserts so I wasn’t even upset that I had leftover desserts.

Last week I thoroughly went through all of the donations so I could drop them off to the Compass House and was overwhelmed with exactly how much donations I actually recieved. I had baby clothes, boots, about 50 coats, like it was amazing. Besides from the clothing donations, I also received donations for homeless care packages and have been making those up to keep in my car to hand out to those who are in need.

As a little tip, I heavily suggest that everyone keep extra snacks, coats, hats or whatnot in your vehicle during the cold weather to help someone out when you see fit. I keep extra hoodies and coats in my trunk year round because let’s face it, people are in need year round. But stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

I am always accepting donations! And thank you to everyone who donated! I really do appreciate everyone who came through and to my family and friends who came and helped.

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