Cupcakes for Coats

So every year I collect coats and donations for care packages for the homeless. I hated seeing kids decked out in the newest kicks but wearing a thin fleece at the bus stop in freezing weather. Or homeless people with flimsy thin coats when there’s a Code Blue on the forecast.

This past summer I wanted to have a bake sale but honestly I was spread too thin to plan one. Then a friend of mine suggested that I have a bake with an incentive. Host a bake sale and then let customers bring unused winter wear or other donations where then they’d get a discount! I mean, how genius is that?

My desserts are bomb as hell and I know people like discounts, so the merge is perfect! I hope and pray the turn out is perfect and I can continue this method annually.

The list at the bottom of the flyer are items that will be in the packages!

Donations will go to the Compass House and Godwill. The care packages will be passed out whenever a person in an unfortunate situation is spotted. I hope to see you!

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