Rice and Beans Please

What’s the goal? To eat. To eat and be happy. Here’s how Breya and I threw down in Puerto Rico! We made sure to never order the same thing so we could eat off of each other’s plate. It worked out so well!

1. Yuerba Buena

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First meal of our trip was at a restaurant called Yerba Buena. We ordered Codfish Croquettes, Chicken pastelillos and a Queen Red Snapper with rice and beans! Amazing!

2. Blando Condado

My friend Sabrina referred this eatery so it was only right that I came here for my birthday!! I ordered the big ass, bomb ass French toast and eggs. Breya ordered waffles and eggs. We split the potatoes and tried their Turkey ham which was… lunch meat. But okay! No complaints this way!

3. Perla

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My birthday dinner!!! Omg. So good! For appetizers we started out with conch over fried plantains and Barley with steamed clams and goat cheese. Chile. No words. So good. For our entree,I got the Sea Bass with lobster risotto and Ber got the lobster with truffle mashed potatoes. I definitely had an orgasm. The lobster literally melted in your mouth. That wasn’t no Red Lobster shit. For dessert we both ordered like an apple tart with ice cream and Grand Marnier sauce. The whole experience was life changing. No exaggeration!

4. Hotel Buffet

They had these little various quiches so I explored and the home fries were to DIE FOR!!

5. El Jaberito

Located in Old San Juan in like the back streets, was this gem. We both ordered baked chicken and rice with a side of chicken pastelillos. The pastelillos were hella small. Surprised the hell out of me, but were still good!

6. ChocoBar

I was pressed to find a cute bakery and came across this place. We tried a Chocolate and guava pastry. The flavors together were mind blowing!

7. Beach drinks

Those drinks were fire! I had a Strawberry Daiquiri mixed with a Pina Colada. Chilleeeeee!! And a Miami South Beach. Chileeeeee!!

Everything that we ate was bomb! Shout out to restaurant reviews!

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