26 Meets Puerto Rico

So I’ve been wanting to go to Puerto Rico for years. It was like very high up on my bucket list. And I finally planned the trip and my ass FINALLY WENT for my 26th birthday!

One of my best friends, Breya and I took on this adventure together. We made it very clear that the plan was to eat and drink. Which by the way, I paid for because my face broke the hell out so damn bad. We wanted to go for a hike in the rainforest and a tour of the Barcardi Factory, but you needed a party of 4. Boooo! But that didn’t stop us!

We stayed at the AC Hotel by Marriot San Juan Condado. I HIGHLY recommend staying here. It was literally close to all the bars, restaurants and the beach! And we had unlimited beach access via the Marriott which was 2 blocks down. Also Uber rides were no more than $8 and as low as $3.

Food was a bit expensive being that we were in the tourist section but it was literally worth it! Breya suggested this restaurant called Perla. The structure was reminiscent of an oyster, and it was on top of the pool, on the beach. So you could see the water and everything. It was amazing!! I’d like to say that in the area, a lot of the restaurants closed at 10, so we made sure to hit up CVS for late night snacks.

Puerto Rico is so relaxed and laid back. The only time I felt a bit rushed was when we went to Old San Juan. Apparently that’s where everyone goes so it was super busy but we met some nice people there!! And upon my sister’s recommendation, went to am authentic Puerto Rican restaurant. It was the cheapest restaurant we ate at! But so bomb!

I will be going back within the next few months! Flight was cheap, hotel was amazing! I’ve been trying to celebrate my birthday in PR for years and that was exactly how I envisioned everything going!

Have you been to Puerto Rico? How was it? Where’d you stay? What’d you do?

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