Suitcase Mami on a Budget

I think I was a travel agent in a prior lifetime. I get so much excitement in planning a trip as well as saving money. OF COURSE. With flights being a major thing for trips, I spend a lot of time for shopping for the deals, and along the way have picked up a few tips that I decided to share.

First thing’s first, I NEVER buy roundtrip tickets if I don’t have to. I buy 2 one way tickets. My reasonings being that, it’s cheaper. When I went to Arizona 2 years ago, I spent $250 total. Do you know how expensive it is to fly across the damn country?! Expensive. I believe flights are in about the high $400 range, roundtrip. And I can’t forget that I bought my tickets, about 2 weeks before my trip. The only time I bought a RT ticket was when I went to Memphis. Flying into and out of Memphis is expensive as hell. No matter how far in advance you buy your ticket. I definitely dropped $451.

Secondly, I downloaded these apps onto my phone: Skyscanner, Hopper, Skiplagged, Expedia, and Fareness.

  • Skyscanner and Hopper notifies you when the price of flights has changed. Skyscanner notifies you of the exact flights you are interested in, and Hopper tells you when prices change based on the destination and time in which you want to go. I use both of the faithfully.
  • Skiplagged, Fareness and Expedia helps you find inexpensive flights but not all airlines are on them. For example I had to check separately on the Southwest site for plane tickets.

Thirdly, hotels or Airbnb. I book ALL of my hotels via Expedia, especially as a Book Now Pay Later. I’ve noticed that Booking,com prices at about $100 to $200 more than Expedia on the same exact hotels. I had one experience with Airbnb and that was when I went to NYC last December. It was super dope. Despite the big ass roach that climbed on me.

And lastly, when using Uber, they let you estimate the price of fair and this is so helpful because you can kind of pinpoint how much transportation would be when you go on your trip. Super beneficial!

What are some of your tips when planning a trip?

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