How I’m Saving Money for My Birthday Trip

My birthday trip is in about 2 weeks and me being the person I am, mistook the amount of time I had to get ready for my trip. I was all set to spend a GRIP on getting ready, but have no FEAR! COUPON CODES ARE HERE!

I checked my email and had something from F21 for their online Labor Day sale which is an additional 50% off each item. Let me tell you how I was ALL OVER the Plus Sized section. I won’t post the swimsuits I bought until my trip… In a separate post.. So you all can come back to visit. But anyways, I purchased a one piece and about 6 tops and bottoms so I can play mix match with. I bought pieces that were as low as $4 and some change, and my most expensive bathing suit being $8 and some change. I am GEEKED! I thought I was going to have to settle for Boohoo’s swimsuits.

Another way that I saved money for my trip, is by packing clothes that I already have. I know, as women you want to go out of town in some new new for that particular trip, but I’m challenging myself to spend little to no money as possible when it comes to prepping for a trip.

So as a result of me being in my bag so.damn.much this summer, I was either in my work scrubs Monday through Friday, or super chill clothes on the weekend due to having a lot of orders. So when I did go to treat myself, I headed straight to the clearance rack. SIDE NOTE: I have absolutely no shame in shopping off of the clearance and sales rack. Let’s be clear. If I like it, and it’s damn near free guess who’s buying it? Me! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. A lot of things that I am packing will be from last summer and from my random clearance finds.

I may be weird but I like packing clothes that I’m familiar with. Like I won’t be on my trip uncomfortable because I decided to pack the sandals or shorts that I’ve never worn before. Now before you guys start with the “wHy DiDnT yOu TrY yOuR sTuFf On FiRsT?” I did. But I’m doing just that. Trying them on. I’m not walking for a long period of time in the shoes or shorts when I try them on. Thank you so much.

How do you save money for trips? Or do you BALL out? Share with me!

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