Smoothies are my go to a lot of the times mainly because I get a pretty good amount of my daily veggie and fruit intake in one. Also it keeps me full for quite some time.

The fundamentals of all of my smoothies are: almond milk, ice, spinach, and chia seeds, and honey.

The kinds of fruits that I use varies, but my favorite is a frozen mix of pineapple, mango, peach and strawberry. However, no matter what I make, I always use mangoes. When it’s paired with green veggies, or in my case, spinach, it heightens the nutrients of spinach.

You guys know how I go about measuring things. I eyeball about 2 cups, a cup of fruit, some shakes of chia seeds and guest-imate the ice. I always end up with too much but that just means that I have my smoothie already done for the next day.

Share your smoothie flavors with me! What’s your favorite?

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