Erie County Fair Eats

I was looking forward to this fair all summer because I knew I was about to eat so good! Here’s what I indulged in at the fair!

1. Mexican Corn

I was always skeptical of Mexican corn because the mayo part threw me all the way the hell off, but I heard good reviews. You can’t even taste the mayo because it’s covered in cheese and some type of spices. Would definitely try it again.

2. Fried Pickles

These are good as hell! But you have to eat them with ranch dressing or you’re disgusting.

3. Bourbon Chicken with Rice and beans

Yall.. Ya’ll know I don’t eat meat but I HAD TO!! I got sick after but not because the food was nasty, my body just punishes me for eating meat. Was it worth it? Yup!

What did you try at the fair?

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