Dessert Plug

Hi! So this summer I have been a busy busy bee! It’s crazy what can happen in a year! I often do progress photos so I can see for myself just how far I’ve come! As of recent, I am being pushed into the world of Fondant. Customers aren’t letting up!

Anywho, here’s some of my recent work! I am currently working on a website home for my baked goods, so in the meantime follow my goodies on Instagram

1. Chocolate Heaven!

I made a birthday cake for my best friend’s birthday in June. She requested chocolate and damnit, chocolate is what she got. It was a 3 layer chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate ganache, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate strawberry roses, and her favorite chocolate bar, Symphony. I had to go all out for my baby!

2. Strawberry Shortcake Push Pops

For a dinner party I did! They’re so simple and dainty! P.S My manicure was popping!

3. Sports and Sweets!

Okay so I tried my hand at these strawberries like 3 years ago and was TRASH!!! So happy and proud of how they turned out this time!

4. Duckies

Okay so I was midkey nervous about this order. Mainly because of the cake! But they came out so bomb!

5. Pretzel Rods

These simple but cute beauties were a last minute order but I still rocked it!

6. Cookies!!

Now hear me out, people were judging me when I said chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips were hands down the best cookie and guess what? I’m still right. I’m not telling NO ONE my secret ingredient so there’s that. Anywho, get you some cookies.

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