Colossal Cupcakes

A few weekends ago I went to Ohio for a wedding, and some friends of mine suggested a cupcake shop in downtown Cleveland.

The reviews had me iffy but I went anyways. It was a… cute little place. They had this overally big chair and love seat that I’m sure would have been hella bomb if it wasn’t so dingy looking. But whatever. I was there for the cupcakes.

So above are the cupcakes that I ordered. The other things that are not pictured was a Cotton Candy cupcake and a blondie. The brownies and and cookies looked a week old and my mama wasn’t going for it but once again, whatever.

My baby brother got the cotton candy cupcake. He didn’t like it too much and honestly, I don’t blame him. The frosting tasted like straight butter. But the cake part wasn’t too bad. My dad got the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake and he enjoyed it.

My favorite ones were the Honeymooner and Poppin Bottles. The Honeymooner was like a pina colada cupcake and Poppin Bottles was a strawberry cupcake with a champagne frosting. They all were cool. I wouldn’t go back. But it was cool.

Now, they are expensive, so if you’re a cheap one, then… Don’t go here.

Have you ever tried Colossal Cupcakes? What flavor did you get?

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