Mutual Gains Mami

So when my brother passed in 2016, I was on this downward spiral. I gained so much weight and was not happy about it. One of my setbacks was the fact that I was intimidated by the gym and bu working out by myself because I knew that I’d be clueless.

For Lent back in February I gave up meat (chicken and turkey because I don’t eat pork/red meat anyways). After Lent was over my body rejected all meat except for seafood. So since February I’ve been eating mostly vegetables and seafood. I tried to eat chicken wings, got sick. Tried to eat ground turkey, became nauseous. So these last few months have been filled with creativity when it comes to my cooking and ordering when out at restaurants.

In June I started doing one of my best friends, 4 Week Workout Plan. It comes with a workout plan for 4 weeks, recipe book and meal plan. Order yours. Anywho, people kept telling me that I was slimming down a bit but I figured people were just being nice until I did a before and after photo.

The photo above is from the difference from the end of April to the beginning of July. I don’t really record my weight because I don’t want to be so wrapped up in the numbers, but I will say that I did lose 10 pounds just from changing my diet.

I have a specific goal that I am trying to meet by my birthday and I’m fairly confident that I’ll meet it.

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