I’m Not a Dumping Ground

I am sure that when I was deep in my depression, I was guilty of this and now that I am in a better place, I can see how annoying it is, BUT…

Stop unloading all of your… I want to censor myself but I pay for this whole everything, so stop unloading all of your bullshit unto your friends and your family. I mean like, yes it is okay to vent when you’re frustrated but to be so one sided and only hit up people when you’re going through bullshit is.. bullshit. And I say it is bullshit because you have the power to change whatever you are encountering. You hate your job? Leave it. Want to lose weight? Hit the gym. The person you’re dating isn’t shit? Well guess what? LEAVE!!! You have control over your environment. Leave. Be active. Change it.

The only time you hit people up is to be a Debbie Downer. To be negative. You don’t even act like you’re interested in whatever, whoever you’re DUMPING YOUR SHIT onto. You only care about yourself. And if you are seeking advice, you damn sure don’t listen because the same things have been repeated to you over 100 times. You just like being miserabe. Be miserable by yourself.

And this may come across as mean. I’m sorry but oh well. Do you know how suffocating that is? To constantly be the sponge to always soak up your BS? It is exhausting and can take a toll on people, friendships, relationships. Because how can we help you? What do you want us to do? If and when you don’t want to help your damn self? It is such a buzz kill to be in such an amazing mood, only to have someone shit on it because they’ve made you an emotional dumping ground.

Well do you know what I do? I ignore people. I used to feel so bad about not returning phone calls, and texts, or going MIA on people for days and weeks at a time, but I don’t want to hear it. I’m having a good ass day, why are you ruining it by crying over some shit you can change? Leave me alone.

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