Friends with Brands

I hope this post is read exactly like how people hear me talk. It’s very necessary because I’m sick of it.

When your friend or friends are in the process of building a brand, don’t bring your simple self near them asking for anything free or discounted. If a freebie or a discount is going to be issued, that’s up to them. Always approach your friend’s business with the intent on paying. Do you know how disrespectful it is to ask for something for free or damn near free?

One of my friends is also my nail tech. I don’t ever walk in expecting to get my nails done for free or for a crazy discounted price. She’s doing what? Building a brand. Plus nail stuff is expensive. But I feel like when it comes to her, she’s taking her time. Shaping them accordingly. Applying dip. Using multiple colors. Does that sound like free to you?? And people will ask me to put them on and not to sound mean… but you can’t afford her. You’re not about to walk up into her job and complain about how a full set costs too much. How she charges for shaping. For gel polish. How you could have went to the mall to get them done. Oh well. Family Dollar has press ons. Anyways.

Now if you have read up on me, you know that I’m baker. And if you’re close to me you know I HATE when people ask me for discounts or place orders with no intention on paying. This is how you know if you’re going to pay. Pay attention and comprehend this. If you place an order or ask me to make you something. You’re paying. If I OFFER. Keyword is OFFER, then that’s my love language and it’s free. Why? BECAUSE I WANT TO. I really do take that as a sign of disrespect if you think you’re about to walk me. And I won’t lie, people have gotten me. I’ve made them things and they didn’t pay, but guess what? I bet you I won’t make them anything else. I’m not hearing that “I’m a taste tester” BS. Taste these hands. You don’t even post your free ass cupcakes on social media so I can get customers.

I bake from scratch. Ingredients are expensive. Notice how eggs are damn near $6 for 36 eggs? There is an egg recall. People want things shipped. Which by the way, I shipped chocolate chip cookies to my best friend in Tennessee last week. It was a day late, but successful. But anyways, people want things shipped and I don’t think people realize just how how expensive that is and to want what is being shipped, for free?! Chileeee! Get away. And yes Sabrina, I am sending your Hennessy Peach Cobbler by the end of June. Tatty, your brownies are coming also.

If my friends offer a service that I can benefit from, I’m going to go to them before I go to someone else. I am going to keep my money in my circle. And you don’t have to support your friends by spending money. Share their Facebook posts. Retweet their tweets. Word of mouth. My favorite is when my friends text me desserts they want me to try. Don’t be that piss poor friend who always wants a hand out. Don’t be that person who feels like you deserve a discount because that’s your homegirl. Because you’re telling them that their product isn’t worth it. They’re not worth it. Don’t do that. It’s discouraging and people have the right to distance themselves from you if that’s how you’re moving.

This is the year of Prices going up. No one is dropping prices because you simply don’t want to pay. Invest and be a blessing or…. don’t.

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