Taste of Siam

My friend Davanh suggested that we go to this Asian Restaurant nestled in cute Elmwood Village, kind of across from the Co Op. Davanh is pretty good with restaurant suggestions so I wasn’t worried. As long as they had vegetarian or seafood options, I was good (By the way a post about my mid-key Pescatarian Journey will be up next week).

First thing’s first, I started out with ordering their calamari that came with this pineapple type dipping sauce. BOMB. Omg. So bomb.

Fried calamari

My entree I opted to go with the Broccoli Stir Free in oyster sauce with shrimp as my protein. Let me just say that I eat food like a kid and can no longer eat large portions. I didn’t eat that much and actually just finished eating this today for lunch, and we went on Tuesday. Also this came with a bowl of rice for us to share. I came home and made brown rice for my leftovers though. Nonetheless, this deal is good!! I highly recommend it!

Lastly my dessert. Now I NEVER order dessert. Especially if I ordered an appetizer. Because I know how wasteful I can be. But anyone, Davanh suggested rice made in coconut milk. I’m not really sure what it’s called but I ordered it with a mango on top versus custard and CHIIILLLEEEEEEEEE!! CHILE!!!!! GIRL! GET IT!!

Have you ever been to Taste of Siam? What are your thoughts? What did you order?

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