Self Care Sunday

Or Funday Sunday, is where I do things to get my energy in check. Do the things I want to do. Prepare myself in all aspects, for the upcoming week. If we’re being honest, any day that I focus on myself and do things for myself is a self care day but the title is nice and that’s what I’m going with.

So anyways… Sunday is the day that I go over my goals and what I didn’t get to do the week before, and prepare for the week ahead. Draft up articles for the upcoming Wednesday. I check my planner. I check my order list for any orders, etc. It’s like a calm before the storm type scenario. Everything I do on Sundays is very very minimal. But at the same time, I can’t just lay in the bed either. If that makes sense.

My Sunday activities typically varies and ranges from taking myself to the movies, or going shopping, but almost always include baking and clay facial masks with a little touch of meal prep.

It’s a wonderful time to perfect crafts. For instance, I FREAKED these cupcakes. I’ve been feeling myself about these cupcakes since Sunday. Everybody has to see my work (prices ARE going up. Post on that is coming soon). I was going over photos from last year, and even a few months ago like “Damn… I’m good as hell.” Debate your ashy auntie.

If I cannot have at least one day out of my weekend to wind down, I am on edge and honestly, I probably have an attitude. If I don’t do something that makes me happy or elevates me, I probably have an attitude.

And don’t get me wrong, self care days can be spent with other people but if they’re taking all of your energy and doing more harm than good, then lil baby, you need to get a pedicure and lunch by yourself. I’m not going to be a mad ass when I have the control to change it. And you change it by being alone!

So go and see that movie by yourself! I went to go see 50 Shades Darker by myself at 10 am and enjoyed it to an empty theater. No regrets. Go grocery shopping with your headphones in. Hell. Grab ice cream. Do whatever has you feeling content and bomb. Shoot. Get you some. End your weekend right and start the weekend even righter (that’s not a word but this is my website).

What does your self care days consist of? Do they vary? Or do you have a rountine? Tell me!!

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