What Am I Paying You For?

So lately I’ve been seeing stories shared or being told stories of hairstylists who don’t want to.. do hair..? They half ass do stuff but want celebrity stylists payment. Try again lil baby. I’ll slap a $30 wig and finesse that baby before I pay full price for something I did more than half the work for. Because WHET AM EYE PAYING FOR?!

For instance, I’m natural and I am very picky about who touches my hair and what goes in my hair. About 2 years ago I was looking for a new hair dresser for a trim, deep conditioning treatment, wash and blowout/flat iron. Now, I should have known this wasn’t going to be a good experience because before we actully decided on an appointment date, my appointments kept getting cancelled 20 minutes before. So anyways, the day of my appointment (my actual appointment) she tells me that I need to come with my hair already washed and blow dried… Okay.. well… I’m confused because what am I paying you for? Confused.

Or one time my coworker was telling me how she spent damn near $70 on her hair because the stylist said she knew how to do natural hair but didn’t detangle her hair or use HEAT PROTECTANT!!!! We would have had to fight. I’m not about to watch you give me heat damage or rip my hair out. You can catch these hands.

If you don’t know how to do natural hair, then stop lying to your customers. If you want customers to come to you with braids already done for a sew in, you’re not seeing $400. That’s a wrap. You’re smoking oil sheen. I’m coming to you and paying you for a service. If you want to half ass your service, I’ll half ass pay you. And I’m not tipping you so there’s that.

If I’m doing more than half the work, then what am I paying you for?? Whet? ¿Que?

I almost went off about sitting in the hair salon all day but I’ll do that for another post.

Have you had a bad experience with a hair stylist?? Do you think you should pay full price for a job that you did half the work on?

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