Squad: We’re Charging

Squad- A crew, posse, gang: an informal group individuals with a common identity and sense of solidarity.

Here is my squad!

We’re two sets of best friends that make up one big best friend. I won’t say we’re perfect, but we’re pretty damn close. We each have attitudes with different strong personalities that we are still learning to handle. But I think what makes us so dope is that we have three goals: To encourage/hype each other, have amazing vibes, and create wonderful memories.

We travel together, we step out together, have girl’s night together, break bread with one another. We do it all. When I was preparing for the photo shoot for the website, I came to them with my idea and how I wanted it executed. I know that I am super awkward, and posed anything does not work for me, but I also knew that to be in my comfort zone, I would need them. HEAVILY. And my perfect beauties showed up to the shoot to SLAY. DO YOU HEAR ME?!

It’s crazy because we feed off of each other’s energy and all of our energies mesh so well together, that others notices it. Not to sound full of myself, but people will not go to an event if we are not present. If we’re at an event and decide to leave, R.I.P to your function because everyone else is leaving. And that’s no BS. Want us to come to your event? $400 an hour. Minimum of 2.5 hours. Price doesn’t include chicken wings and shots. Booked a wack DJ? An additional $1000 per hour and we’re leaving early.

We are so iffy about who we give our time and energy to. And that is what I love about us. What we bring to the table as friends, I could not ask for anything more doper. Men advice. Sex advice. Edge control recommendations. Real life advice. I love it. Your squad isn’t like mine and I honestly feel bad for you.

Expect more posts including Squad

Do you have a Squad? What makes your squad, Squad?

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