Home of the Grand Canyon

In April of 2016, I went to Arizona to visit one of my closest friends for a week and until this day, I want to say it is in my Top 3 of favorite trips I have ever been on.

First things first, my plane ticket, roundtrip was $250. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. If you don’t know, that is super cheap for a damn near cross country flight. And I’ll share a little tip on how I did that. I don’t buy roundtrip tickets as a whole if I do not need to. I search each ticket, going and coming, as separate one way tickets and I buy them separate. I study every single flight search engine. Every airline. And I hound stuff down.

Any who, Erica and her boyfriend lived two hours out from Phoenix, up in the mountains. So I believe I got in at about midnight (and I rolled up in that thang with my bonnet on because who has the time?), and we took that 2 hour trek back up in the middle of nowhere. The night time weather was chilly, and the daytime weather was humid but comfortable.

This weather was such an experience because I did nothing but relax. I relaxed, ate and sight saw. There was one day where Erica and I ate snacks all day, watched Cupcake Wars with a few cat naps here and there. That alone was epic for me because I never sit and do nothing. Erica fed me literally 10 times a day with homemade food. We went to Sedona and I was in heaven with the AHMAZING scenery and margaritas with chips and queso. I was a true tourist at the Grand Canyon (where it snowed).

Overall, my favorite part of the trip was bed time. Being that she lived in the mountains, at night it was pitch black. There were no street lights, police cars. Nothing. It was quite and from that trip is how I learned to fall asleep to silence and to nothing. Super serene. Super calming. I definitely need to make my way back.

Have you ever been to Arizona? What did you like about your trip??

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