And Yet Here You Are

First of all, get out of my face.

I am well aware of my resting stale face. I know I look unapproachable. I know I intimidate weak men. I know. However, 9 out of 10, I do not have an attitude. I am almost always in very deep thought, with the matching tunnel vision.

So telling me to “Smile” is mad annoying. Like, I’m happy. Very happy. I’m smiling on the inside. Me going around with a smile physically plastered on my face is not and will not happen. I don’t even know what to tell you. But don’t get it twisted, I do smile at people when I make eye contact with them. I’m not a mean ass.

And even if I was feeling like how mean I was looking, let me be mad! I may have just lost my job or someone close to me may have died. And at that moment, I don’t want to smile when you look at me. Now get out of my face. People, well men and older people just need to understand that the resting stale face is a thing and I don’t need you in my personal space telling me to “Smile” or asking me what’s wrong when what’s wrong is that you’re talking to me. So., there’s that.

Ladies tell me about a time when you’re resting stale face has gotten the good old “Smile pretty lady.”

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