I am fairly new to the world of Asian cuisine. I have some Asian friends who are slowly but surely widening my palette and introducing me to new things. I tried pho for the first time last year and thought I’d snag an Asian man by eating with chopsticks (held together by a ponytail), it didn’t work but I love me some pho and egg rolls!

A few weeks ago, my friends Davanh and Dao took me to a new restaurant called Pho54 in Amherst. A Thai, Vietnamese, Thai, sushi spot that is tucked away in a little Food Heaven plaza with other things such as frozen yogurt, crepes and others. The vibe and decor of the restaurant was super cute. Each table had computer screens on them where I happily played Bodak Yellow (in Spanish) and B2K.

I ordered the egg rolls (I don’t remember the correct name for them but they’re egg rolls) and thai tea as beginners. I almost ordered fried rice but Davanh told me not to be a basic bih, so they ordered Udon for me. Curry Udon with shrimp and CHHIILLLEEEEEEEE!! Let me tell you! It was so good! So good that I took my dad to Pho54 the very next day for lunch and ordered the same exact thing. I was eating Curry Udon for like 3 days straight.

When I went the first time, I ordered the dinner portion and ended up taking it home with leftovers that could have gotten me another 2 meal portions. Same for the lunch portion: A lot of food left over so that I could indulge endlessly for a bit. However, your leftover size may differ from mine because my food portions have changed drastically and I get full fast.

For dinner, I spent about $25 for my tea, udon and egg rolls, and for lunch I spent the same for both my father and I. So you see it’s affordable and good. I highly recommend giving Pho54 a go! Whether it’s for lunch, or a cute little date night. It’s super bomb!

1280 Sweet Home Road, Buffalo, NY, 14228

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