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I live by my Planner. I love my planner. I love organization. It is how if I know I’m late on paying for my Hulu, as well as helps me put particular goals in perspective for me. If I am not organized, I am really a lost little soul. Everything from when my car note is due to my mama’s 50th Birthday Party (which is in September) has been written down. My last year of college I was working 2 jobs, taking an internship and 18 credit hours each semester; and pinky promise, my planner kept me sane and got me on the Dean’s List.

Now when it comes to buying a planner, I just can’t have any old basic planner from any old store. I need a planner that has a Budget portion, an extension of each month so I can write out orders in a more detailed fashion, and something that is durable and cute. So with that being said, head to your local Michael’s or Joann Fabric and check out their Planner section. I know that at Michael’s you can build your own planner to your preference, but ain’t nobody got time for that, nor do I want to spend unnecessary money.

Now before you head to one of these craft’s stores, make sure they have a coupon of either 40% or 50% off. (Coupons can be found on the Retailmenotapp on your phone or the store’s website) These planners start at about $30 without a coupon, and if you want to build your own.. well.. then I hope you just got paid because it’s pricey. I, on the the other hand, strolled into Michael’s on a whim (and a pay week) and seen that the calendars where like 50 to 60%, and it included all supplies for DIY planners (I still don’t have time for all of that pay week or not). However, I literally stood in the store for an hour pondering which planner I wanted to buy, and yes it’s that serious. Because keep in mind, you need to pay attention to if the planner started towards the end of the previous year or if it’s from January the current year to December. Stay Woke.

After an hour of debating and of calling my grandma for her input, I chose this beauty!

She’s cute, durable, and even has little inspiration quotes in between each month. I stick notes of grocery lists in here and everything! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a a Budget portion, but Michael’s carries budget books for about $5 (but with the right coupon it can be $2.50), and I don’t have one without the other.

So tell me! What do you look for in a planner? How do you keep it organized? Different colored pens for different aspects of your life? Share!

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