Do’Monique’s Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year! On this page is where you will be able to find ALL things you can order your sweetie… or yourself (Self care is the best care) for Valentine’s Day. I figured that I would make it easy and post all things relating to Valentine’s Day orders right here on this page! I will be having flash deals on some items, that unfortunately will not be posted on the site. So I strongly encourage you to follow my baking page on Instagram and Like my page on Facebook (link is below) so you don’t miss out!

I will be taking orders until 12pm on February 16th because I know how hectic life can be for Lovebirds who have work during the week! 

**NO SUBSTITUTIONS!**    ** All orders require a nonrefundable deposit.**

When placing your strawberry orders, please make it known if you would like white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. If you do not, I will choose milk chocolate. Also please let me know if you’d like white, red, or pink drizzle. When placing orders for Cupcake letters, please let me know what color you would like your letter to be.

Please send orders and inquiries to order to or I answer back really quickly! I pinky promise! 

Last day to put in Cupcake Letter orders and Wine Box orders is February 6th!

  1. Cupcake Letters

Cupcake Letters

2. Cupcakes

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are $12 per dozen

4. Strawberries

Plain chocolate chip strawberries are $20 per dozen

Strawberry Box

6 roses, dozen strawberries, 6 chocolate covered Oreos, and bottle of wine for $45. Hard liquor is $10 extra

Price List: 

  1.  Cupcake Letters: $35/$40; $5 extra for chocolate covered strawberry decorations
  2. Cupcakes: Half dozen cupcakes are $12
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies: $12 per dozen
  4. Plain Chocolate Covered Strawberries: $20 per doz; $25 per doz with toppings; $30 per doz for infused
  5. Strawberry Hearts (5 strawberries): $10
  6. 1 Rose and 6 chocolate covered strawberries: $15
  7. Wine Box: $50; with hard liquor $60